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A Letter to My 18 Year Old Niece on Her First Birthday

Dear Emily,

It is the year 2021. I write this letter with a little yellow bird on my shoulder.

Much time has passed between now and your eighteenth birthday.

Surely this feathered friend will have crossed the ethereal rainbow bridge. 

I feel happy because I am surrounded by family. But still, a river of sadness flows through me knowing that my little friend, like everyone I love, will someday leave this earth. 

Time flies…the people and things we cherish come and go, new places call to our hearts. We depart, we arrive, we search and in discovering, we find ourselves.

As you go on all the adventures you are bound for, across all the foreign lands…

We will miss you. 

And as you gaze at one side of the moon, we will gaze at the other, proud to know you, to watch you grow and conquer all that you set out for.

Look back in fondness and find us waving. Do not sink in grief. Keep going. 

You will win so long as you love, so love others. Love places, love animals, love the old, love the trail of your footsteps. Just. Keep. Loving.

May you always be Emily. The one and only.

I love you

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