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Quantum Observer Theory Explains Why Your Vision Board Is a Waste of Time

Your vision board is a setup for disappointment.

If you found a portal and traveled back in time to the Paleolithic, and you asked a Neanderthal to model an airplane out of dirt, she wouldn’t know where to start. Not because her hands cannot coordinate with her mind, but because her mind cannot visualize an airplane. Likewise, if you showed her a picture of an airplane, she may be able to sculpt a figure, but from an image alone, she will never comprehend how the figure could lift itself from the dirt.

In order to manifest, we must be able to envision our objective with such precision that we become an expert on its existence. That our hands could write or sculpt its every detail far beyond the exterior it presents. We will know how it’s made, how it got here, where it’s going, and how it brings a greater good to the world around us. We don’t have to launch into meditation knowing all the answers upfront. Instead, we must learn to draft and re-draft the reality we wish to conceive so that it builds bigger and stronger every time we meditate upon it.

For anything to be made manifest, we must be able to close our eyes and conceptualize its machinations. We must be able to see its blueprint in our mind’s eye as does an engineer with their objective. To become rich, we must master the sensation of being rich to the extent that when we walk about our daily lives, we hold our heads as though we are rich, and we give to the needy as though we have riches to spare. We must believe without a grain of doubt that such a life is not only possible, but that it already exists, and is already ours.

The fundamental problem with vision boards is both in how they are made and how they are used. Vision boards are for the lazy manifestor. To create one, all a person needs to do is cut images from a magazine or print them off the internet and paste them onto a poster board. If they want to go to the moon one day, they’ll paste a picture of a woman on the moon. If they want to win an Emmy award, they will paste a picture of the trophy. Someone else’s trophy for someone else’s accomplishment.

Manifestation requires more than a vision board.

As any engineer, artist, composer, or writer will tell you, a masterpiece is rarely made with a single draft. Masterpieces begin incomplete in conception, as under-developed stories with loopholes, as rough sketches with missing pieces. Sometimes the finished work looks nothing like the artist’s initial idea. The most brilliant notes don’t always arrive until the third or fourth draft. Had the composer stuck with their initial opus, it may never have become their greatest hit, or perhaps it would have been left unfinished, never to arrive at its stroke of genius.

Let’s say a person’s dream is to live in a mansion. Not just any mansion, but a specific mansion located at a specific address. A lazy manifestor prints an image of the mansion from the realty website and pastes it on their vision board. At best, they stop by their vision board every now and then and imagine themselves walking the halls in their robe or enjoying the grandiose view from the mansion’s windows. At worst, they visualize nothing further than its curbside appeal, exactly as shown in the printed image.

When they pass by their vision board and close their eyes for these momentary mindsights, they are only seeing a pixel of the completed creation. A pixel that is stuck in time, that shares no personal history with the lazy manifestor before or beyond its printed image. A manifestation is more than a moving picture. It is a plan of action manifested brick by brick. It is beyond thinking. It is giving, sacrificing, creating, doing, surrendering, re-routing, and most of all, believing.

The manifestor

The Law of Attraction- the law we use to manifest- requires unflappable belief, but it is not a belief system. It is a science. One of the most renowned premises of quantum theory states, “that by the very act of watching, the observer affects the observed reality.” The premise was reported in 1998 by researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science after conducting an experiment that demonstrated how a beam of electrons is affected by the act of being observed.

The researchers studied this theory by using a device that is capable of detecting electrons at a submicron level. To alter the level in which the device is able to detect electrons, researchers adjusted the strength of the electrical current passing through it. When the device was not observing the electrons, they behaved like waves, passing through a barrier and meeting again on the other side. However, when the observer turned its “eye” onto the electrons, they behaved like particles, rather than waves, and were halted by the barrier.

Additionally, the more the researchers increased the level of observation, the less the electrons behaved like waves and the more they were intercepted by the barrier and vice versa. Thus, by controlling the level of quantum observation, the researchers managed to control the extent of the observer’s influence on the electrons’ behavior. And furthermore, researchers were able to demonstrate that by observing energy, energy becomes concrete.

The body, just like the observer device in this experiment, emits energy, which rises and falls depending on a number of factors, including the emotions we feel, the amount of passion we exert, how well we eat, and the thoughts we entertain. Our bodies are composed of trillions and trillions of atoms, each of which has its own electric field. If a bird landed on your shoulder, the atoms in its tiny feet would cause a chain reaction with the atoms in your shoulder, that would send a cascade of electrical signals to your brain, causing you to experience the sensation of the bird’s talons against your skin.

We are energy.

Everything we do requires energy and everything we feel is experienced through energy. We are energy, and the energy we exert through observation can physically manipulate atoms. The more we observe a thought, the further we push it into reality. The key here is not just that we must observe our objective. We must also exert a great amount of energy and time into manifesting it through active meditation

When we actively meditate, we practice something that heightens our energy while meditating on our objective manifestation. This may take the form of traditional meditation, an art form, a devout journal practice, or even volunteering. If sitting in the lotus position and meditating upon your objective heightens your energy, then you are much closer to manifesting through this practice than you would be by gazing here and there at a vision board.

We can also think of a person who meditates through an art form that they are highly passionate about. Take an Actress, for example, who has set their sights upon winning an Emmy. They hold the image of this Emmy in their mind’s eye wherever they go. Before the play begins, they meditate upon themselves giving a performance so great that from it comes a bigger opportunity, and from there another, until eventually a long string of events leads an Emmy to their hand. As they go on stage, they hold this intention in the back of their minds, and every movement is made with it.

Perhaps the swiftest and most steadfast way to manifest is through the devout practice of keeping a handwritten journal. Unless you are naturally inclined to journal, the practice can be difficult to maintain. It requires time and attention to detail, patience, thoughtfulness, focus, intention, and visualization, all things necessary to manifest. It also allows the practitioner something that a vision board never will: the space to create every detail of the visual from the mind’s eye, rather than a printable.

By principle, a journal is not something that is completed in one sitting. It is a repeated practice, and through it, the practitioner becomes more in-tuned with the world around them and more aligned with their purpose. And with each day they return to their journal, they begin anew, re-drafting the details of their objective, so that it becomes increasingly clearer and more concise with each day after day, as they pour energy into it.

Beyond visualizing their objective, the writer details their plans to obtain it, along with their reasons for doing so. They track their progress and express their gratitude for each milestone. Just as well, they express their gratitude for failures, then they pick up their pen and reform their objective with even greater alignment than they had the day before. Manifestation occurs when our thoughts and actions align with our purpose. Through journaling every day, we focus our thoughts to re-shape our actions to clarify our purpose. 

The Law of Attraction is always at work, even when we are not actively meditating. Our unconscious minds are always churning with ideas and aspirations. If deep down you are filled with greed, you will not attract money. You will attract the greediness of those who seek to take from you. But if you are filled with immense gratitude, you will attract more things to feel grateful for. A form of active meditation that is best suited for us brings joy to every aspect of our lives.

As we vibrate at a higher level of energy, we send our intentions and objectives into the world from a place of positivity and altruistic love. When another person feels a spark of motivation to speak or act, they are not just motivated by their own thoughts. Understand that all thoughts from all beings are interconnected. Without even realizing it, another person with a spark of motivation observes not just their own thoughts, but the thoughts that you sent out into the world as well. Your thoughts inspire theirs, which inspire another’s, and so on and so forth. Through this interconnectivity, they manifest for themselves by manifesting for you.

Instead of relying on a vision board to do your job, try this:

Surround yourself with people who are so inspired that they inspire you, who are so motivated that they motivate you, who think so positively, that you can’t help but feel positive in their presence. Then, be the same for them. These are your co-workers in creation.

Have patience for those times when nothing seems to be happening. Keep designing, keep planning, keep erasing and re-thinking. Meetings are being organized, connections are being made, and deals are being signed. Soon, your co-worker will come knocking with good news, but while you wait, share words of encouragement to the janitor, for they change the lightbulbs so that you can perform your work, and your boss can write your check. 

Finally, devote yourself to a form of meditation that requires hard work, time, and struggle. If you are journaling, journal early in the morning, journal on the train, journal after dinner, in line at the post office, and before you go to bed. Journal when your hand cramps, and sacrifice your pain for the greater good that your manifestation will bring to the world.

The harder we work for things, the more they mean to us when we achieve them, and the more grateful we feel for every being who helped us along the way. Gratitude brings us joy, and joy is the feeling of manifestation at work.

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